Why Should I Have a Wedding Website?

With so much to tell your guests – dates and times, directions and meal choices, dress codes – it’s difficult to squeeze everything into one invitation. A personal wedding website can give you a lot more space and flexibility to share everything you need from photos memories to essential details. Below we have outlined some of the most useful aspects of having a wedding website.

1. RSVP feature

Online RSVPs can be a super fast and efficient way for your guests to let you know if they are coming. These days people often have more accessibility to internet than to a post box. It can be particularly useful if you require any additional information from the guest such as dietary or transport requirements or even song requests which may not fit in an RSVP.

2. Guestbook

This is a fun way of sharing and interacting with your guests. Usually guests use it to post best wishes or to share their excitement. Most sites allow you to preview any comments before you make them public.

3. Details

There is plenty of space to share all the tiny details. Everything from stories about us right down to accommodation or travel details can be shared. This can be particularly useful if you are having a destination wedding or guests travelling from abroad. Often in these cases a lot more information needs to be shared.

4. Photo Sharing

A lovely feature that most wedding websites offer is the ability for your guests to share their photos with you after the wedding. It is a nice forum for everyone to catch up afterwards and talk about the great time that was had.

5. Password Protect

Some of you might be a bit internet shy. If that is the case then make sure to pick a site that offers password protection, which will restrict visitors to just those who are invited.

Some suppliers I would recommend for wedding websites:

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