Watercolour Wedding Invitations

We've noticed a huge trend for all things watercolour over the last few months and what better way to incorporate this refreshingly cool look into your big-day than through your wedding stationery. Whether it is bright abstract washes or subtle splashes, watercolours allow you to play with colour and let the font do the talking. The beauty of this design is that it's perfectly neutral, if you're not into flowers but can't bring yourselves to settle for a purely typographic invitation, a simple watercolour wash will brighten up a background without any flowery fuss!

Our Painted Dream design is bold yet sophisticated. Featuring a bright purple wash and a crisp white font, it's the perfect modern way to make the most of your chosen colour on your wedding invitation.

Watercolour Love is pure fun! Packed with colour, abstract watercolour washes and big bold text it's the perfect wedding party invitation.

Delicate Trim features a subtle wash and a beautifully ornate lace inspired trim. Perfect for an elegant occasion with a delicate pop of colour. 

Lace Delight is bright and beautiful! A vibrant pink wash and an eyecatching lace inspired pattern are the perfect combination to set the tone for a classic wedding with a fun twist.

Photo credit: Paula O'Hara

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