Top Tips: When should we say Thank you?

Ever wondered when you should send out your thank you cards? Well we have the answer! Newlyweds should wait no more than 6-8 weeks after the ceremony to send their wedding thank you cards.

In fact, couples should start sending thank you notes as soon as the gifts start arriving, even if it is before the wedding. This will help couples who have over 100 thank you cards to send out after the wedding!

Writing so many thank you cards can be a very daunting task, to help, couples should create a goal to write a certain number of wedding thank you cards each day. In an effort to speed up response time, brides and grooms often order thank you cards with the invitations. While it is not required that they match, it offers couples a cleaner more cohesive look. 

An increasingly popular option is to include 1 or even a few images from your wedding day on your thank you card. This is a great way to really personalise your thank you cards, we can even tie in your photo thank you card with your invitation suite for you too! 

Check out our wording advice and examples of wording for different situations here.

After taking the time to write out your lovely thank you cards, why not make them extra special by adding envelope liners and save yourself some time by getting us to print your envelopes for you. 

Our top tips for thank you cards

1. Make sure to take note of gifts received in a gift list as you open them. This will save confusion later. You could use an online gift tracker such as the one offered by Moposa.

2. Keep a record of all your guests names and address from sending out your invitations, this will save you needing to gather them again after the wedding. Don't forget to update your list if somebody moves!

2. Always order spare! When you are hand writing so many notes, 1 or 2 are bound to happen, having a few spares will give you the chance to start fresh when these little mistakes happen! 

3. Save yourself some time and buy your thank you cards when you are purchasing your invitations. That way you can match them to your invitation suite. To view a full catalogue and shop matching wedding stationery suites on Appleberry Press click here.




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