Top Tips: Wedding Speeches

Wedding speeches are such a lovely tradition. They are often the most memorable moments of the day, although sometimes for the wrong reasons! Traditionally the best man, the groom and the father's of the bride and groom will make a speech. However, it is becoming increasingly more popular that brides also make a speech. This is up to the individual and whether you are comfortable doing this, but if so, fair play, and just remember preparation is key, it's best not to try and wing this one! 

There are a lot of dos and don’ts surrounding wedding speeches, but the main thin to remember is to just be yourself when making your speech and let your personality shine through.

Many of the best speeches mention a funny story from the past, a comment on the wedding and well wishes for the future so try and include each of these elements in your speech as it keeps it interesting and the memories from the past may even cause some people to shed a few tears both happy and sad.

Remember it’s better to have a shorter speech than a longer one!

Wedding speech betting slips are the perfect ice-breaker for tables, they allow guests to bet on how long the speeches are going to last. The guests can choose to bet on the duration of the Best Man's Speech or the duration of the first speaker to the last word of the last speaker. Simply leave a betting slip and envelope on each table. Each slip lists the 'rules' and has space for all guests to input their name and time.

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Photography credit: Christina Brosnan

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