Top Tips: The Do's and Dont's of Storing your Wedding Dress


Wedding dresses can pack away beautifully and remain as white and perfect as the day they were worn but there are some essential rules for brides to follow:

Wedding Dress Storage Advice, Appleberry Press

The Don'ts

(1) Plastic Dress Covers

Plastic dress covers are not suitable for long-term storage. They do not allow for changes in humidity nor do they protect the gown from natural lighting. The plastic covering can also leave particles on the dress for several years. 


(2) Regular Cardboard or Fabric Boxes

These boxes can contain acid that causes the material in the dress to 'yellow' or discolour. Therefore we advise that you avoid flat pack storage boxes that offer limited protection, or ones that can let light in. 


(3) Location

Do not store your dress next to the wood of a wardrobe, drawers, suitcase lining, or other clothes as these mediums will have an effect on the purer fabrics of the wedding dress if it is left to lie next to them. 


(4) Coloured Tissue Paper

Don't wrap your wedding dress in coloured tissue paper. The only form of tissue paper used to pack your dress should be white and acid free. 


(5) Clothes Hangers

Do not hang your dress long term on a clothes hanger, as it places stresses on the seams and shape of the dress. 


(6) Attic

Please do not store your dress in the attic. This location could lead to a whole host of disasters such as a leaking roof, dampness, changes in humidity not to mention any insects that could be lurking up there - even if your dress is well protected. 


The Do's 

(1) Dry Cleaning

Do have your own dress cleaned after the wedding by a dry cleaner that specialises in wedding dresses. Marks can show later even if the dress does not appear stained now. 


(2) Storage

Do follow simple storage guidelines e.g. store away from light, heat, damp areas etc. Instead store your dress in a warm dry spare room if possible.


(3) Material 

Do ensure that your dress lies in a PH neutral material such as a wedding dress box which is packed with acid free tissue. (Acid free tissue paper will become acidic if kept in a non acid free box.) 


(4) The Box

A storage box should eliminate light and should be breathable (i.e. non plastic), protect from dirt, dust and spillages. In addition, the box should be really strong and sturdy as it needs to last a lifetime. It might even need to protect from disasters such as fire or flood damage down the line so a flimsy box might not be up to the mark! Lastly, go for a wedding dress box that you love. After all this box is holding one of the most treasured items you have and it will be with you for a long time. 

Wedding Dress Storage Box, Wedding Dress Storage Advice, Appleberry Press

(5) Check in

Once packed away, we recommend that you check on your dress every 6-12 months to ensure nothing untoward has happened, and repack. It also helps to prevent any creases from becoming too permanent. 


We hope you enjoyed reading our blog and found this information of use. Why not visit our wedding dress portraits page to view how we can illustrate your wedding dress from photos provided. 

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