Top Tips: Proofing your wedding invitation

Congratulations, you're another step closer to having your wedding invitations in your hand!

To help you with your final proof we have created this blog with a check list to make sure your order is perfect! No one wants invitations with misspelled names or wording errors, so we only print after receiving your approval. 

This is one of the most important parts of the wedding stationery process. This is the time when you read, re-read and triple-read it to make sure all the details are correct!

Proof read your invitation, venue invitation

First things first, print off your proof!

We recommend printing the proof off and checking every single piece carefully. Please note that due to variation in papers, inks and printers, that printing your proof on a home printer will not reflect the colours of your finished pieces.  It’s so much easier to proof a printed piece than one on your monitor.


Grammar police

Make sure to double check all the spellings including your names, ceremony venue, reception venue, address, dates and times. Some of the most common misspelled words are accommodation, marriage, rehearsal, immediately, cordially and reservation. Be on the lookout for typos and the duplication of words. Also, be sure to check for cut-off sentences or phrases or are there any words floating that seem like they got separated from a paragraph? Don't forget about your envelopes, if you're getting your envelopes printed be sure to double check the address is spelled and spaced out correctly.


Consistency is key

Make sure all the wording is consistent, such as colour, text size, font type and formats (especially for dates). If you have opted to spell out the date then make sure to keep this the same through all of your pieces.


Can you read it?

Is it easy to read? Sometimes we find that text can be too small or hard to read against the background. Scripted fonts can often be difficult to read especially if you have many elderly guests.


How does it look?

Overall, does it look ready for print? Can you see any excess spacing and is the spacing the same the whole way through the invitation and extra pieces.


Lastly, check all the information is actually correct

Is Saturday actually the 19th of September? Is your RSVP date correct and does it give you enough time to give your venue your final numbers? Are all the times correct?


Check, Check then Recheck!

The number one tip we have for you is to ask other people to check your invitation. Sometimes a pair of fresh eyes will catch a mistake or error that you may have overlooked.


Last words of advice...

Everyone is on a timeline and we know you want your wedding invitations as soon as possible. But, we strongly advise you to sit down with a cup of tea ( & a chocolate biccy) and take some time to proof your custom design — please do not rush the proofing process!


Now for the fun part, lets make your design a reality!

proof reading wedding invitations

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