Top Tips: How to assemble your invitations

If you need a bit of help assembling your invitations have a look below at our handy instructions!

We've used one of our favourite designs elegant monogram to show you how to assemble envelope liners, pocketfolds and bellybands. 

envelope lining

Envelope Liners

This is all you need; envelope, envelope liner and glue stick.

invitation envelope liner

Step one & two; 

Slip the liner into the envelope. Fold the flap and liner down along the crease, lift up the envelope flap and keep the liner folded.

envelope liners

Step three & four; 

Apply glue to the edge of the liner and fold the envelope flap back down onto the liner and smooth the edges to secure.

wedding invitation lined envelope

And that's it, you now have beautifully lined envelopes!

lined envelope


This is all you need; pocketfold, glue stick and your invitation.

invitation pocketfold

Step one & two;

Apply glue to the edges of the invitation. Center the invitation into the pocketfold and press around the edges to secure.

wedding invite pocketfold

And you’re done, now you can add your details and RSVP card into the pocket and put it into your envelope! 

wedding pocketfold


This is all you need; pocketfold, bellyband and your packet of glue dots.

invitation bellyband

Step one & two;

Wrap the bellyband around the centre of the pocketfold and place 2 glue dot's on the end of the bellyband. Secure the bellyband by pressing the glue dots onto the other end of the bellyband. We provide the glue dots with any bellyband orders. 

invitation wraparound

invitation pieces kept together

Pop your pocketfold into your lined envelope and your invitations are ready to go! 

perfect invitation suite

Don't have time to assemble your envelope liners or pocketfolds?

We also offer an assembly service, so we can add liners to your envelopes and we can stick your invitations into your pocketfolds for you and save you some precious time!

E-mail for more details on our assembly service.

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