Top Tips: How to Brand your Wedding

Wedding branding is the overall look and feel that you want to convey on your big day. Every couple wants their wedding to stand out and be one that's remembered, and the best way to make your wedding special is by making it personal. Having a wedding brand is a huge help for your wedding stylist, florist and every vendor in between! You don't need to go overboard but here are some of our favourite ways to brand your wedding.

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There are so many ways you can brand your big day, starting with your Save the Dates and finishing with your thank you cards and let's not forget everything in between. Each and every piece that s designed and created should be an expression of your love story and a celebration of your personality as a couple. There are a few steps to create the perfect wedding brand so we've run through them below;


1. Firstly, you need to find your inspiration, this can come from your wedding venue, location, shared interested or even just from your favourite pattern. Why not tie your love story into your wedding theme to make it truly unique to you? Making an inspiration board is a great place to start.

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2. Secondly, you need to discuss what type of a wedding you want it to be, would you like a glamorous formal affair or a laidback casual celebration. This will reflect the overall feel you're aiming to give to your guests.


3. Next, you need to choose a colour palette. Choosing a colour palette can help keep your brand concept, we typically recommend around 4-5 colours this will help everything from flowers to bridesmaid dresses for an overall seamless look.

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4. Now it's time to choose your fonts. By using the same fonts on all of the wedding stationery pieces it will really show your guests your wedding brand. There are so many to choose from whether it's romantic or modern, calligraphy or typographic. Choosing 2 or 3 fonts is recommended so you can mix it up. Remember, your invitation is a sneak peek into your big day!

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5. A monogram or crest is one of our favourite ways to brand a wedding.  Custom wedding crests are one of our favourite ways to add personality to your wedding design; see some of our creations here. They help bring consistency to invitation suites and the overall wedding theme. Each one is designed to be unique to you and your style as a couple, as each couple has their own love story. If a monogram or a crest isn't your thing we can create a symbol. These are the elements that will really make an impact with your guests.

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6. Patterns and textures are another way to brand your wedding. From florals to stripes or even with velvet the options are truly endless but pick a few options and stick to them.

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Finally, once you've settled on your wedding brand you can now start brainstorming on how to incorporate it into your special day. We love how Elizabeth & Matthew incorporated their custom crest into all of their wedding stationery.

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Would you like us to brand your wedding? Email us or call us on 01 287 5767 to get started.

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