Top Tips: Do we have to invite Plus-Ones?

Etiquette states that you must let your guest bring their significant other if they are married, engaged, or living together. Not only is it proper etiquette, but it is common courtesy to want your guests to feel comfortable on your special day, celebrating with you and the one they love.

If your guest isn’t married, engaged or living with someone. As a couple, you and your partner can decide where you want to draw the line in the sand, when deciding who will be given a plus one. Examples of some rules could be:

1: Only allow guests to bring their significant other if you have met him or her.

2: Allow dates if they have been together for a set number of years.

3: Allow anyone who has a significant other to bring him or her.

Whatever rule you decide to go on, always make sure you stick to it. Don’t bend the rules for some guests and not for others, it can cause more problems than it’s worth and hurt the feelings of others.

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