Top Tips: A guide to Wedding Ceremony stationery

Welcome to the Appleberry Press guide of Wedding Ceremony stationery. We've compiled a complete checklist of all the wedding ceremony stationery pieces that we can provide for your wedding. Not all of these pieces are necessary but they can add a burst of personality and help to carry your wedding theme through to your wedding ceremony.

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  • Ceremony Booklet is also known as a full wedding program and normally consists of about 16 pages that details your entire ceremony. A Ceremony Booklet is a really important part of your ceremony and is a lovely keepsake for anyone attending your wedding. We recommend printing 1 per couple plus 10% extra to ensure all the wedding party have a booklet.

  • Order of Service is also known as a brief wedding program is normally a folded card or a flat double-sided card that shows your guests the format of your ceremony. It acts as a guide for your guest so they know what is happening throughout the ceremony. Not sure whether to choose an Order of Service or a Ceremony Booklet, then click here.

  • Order of Service Sign as an alternative to printed programs. We can print your order of service on a large foam board which can then be placed at the entrance to your ceremony. Signage is a great way for a couple to get creative and show off their personality.

  • Welcome Signs are a lovely way to start your wedding celebrations and welcome all your guests. Typically couples include a small welcome message, the couples names and the wedding date.

  • Unplugged Ceremony sign is a polite way to ask your guests to put away their phones and be present on your special day.

  • "Choose a seat not a side" sign is the perfect way to let your guests know that they are free to sit wherever they would like.

  • Reserved Signs is a subtle way to reserve seating for your family.

  • Hashtag Sign is a simple way of sharing your personalised wedding hashtag with your guests.

Here's our final checklist for your wedding ceremony stationery!

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