Love Story: Niamh & Barry

Take a look at how we create our illustrated 'Love Story'. Our artist, Ailbhe, will work with you to bring your vision for your custom 'Love Story' to life.


A member of Barry's family contacted us looking for something a little different as a wedding present for the couple. We decided on an illustrated story of their love in the shape of a love heart. 

love story niamh barry

Firstly, we needed decide the four main events that they wanted portrayed on your story. They chose to include:

  • the place they met (Club M)

  • their hometown (Meath)

  • places they travelled to (Grand Canyon - where they got engaged, South Africa, Vegas)

  • favourite hobbies (cars, golf, music, DJ)

We then added their names along the top of the heart and the date that they got married.

illustrated love story creation


We love how the illustration shows off all the key moments in their lives. We love how personal and unique each love story is and we love portraying that through our illustrated love story.

process of love story illustration


Our personalised illustrated love story print makes the perfect special wedding gift that will be treasured for years to come. View all our gift ideas here.


love story finished piece

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