Engagement Diaries: Finding the Perfect Venue


One of the biggest things to tick off the wedding to do list is your venue and with many couples booking their perfect venue so far in advance, it's important to hit the ground running! I must be honest and say that we were extremely lucky in this process. We put it down to having a clear checklist of what we wanted:


As we are both Greystones natives, Dave and I were 100% that we wanted to have our wedding in our home county of Wicklow. We had briefly discussed having our wedding abroad but we didn't want to be putting pressure on our family and friends and to be honest I always envisaged getting ready in my family home and setting off from there. 

Outdoor Wedding

Dave and I have chosen to have a humanist ceremony. With that comes the option to have our wedding either outdoors or indoors, providing the weather is good and that the venue has a license to hold a ceremony outdoors. 

Country Style Setting

The last item on our list was the style of the location. We didn't want it to be a modern hotel. Instead we were both keen on the country style house hotels which thankfully we had many options to choose from. 

Once we were clear on what we were looking for, I got working on narrowing down venues with the help of onefabday.com and our own initial ideas. These were the venues we made bookings with to view:

- Summerhill House Hotel

- Trudder Lodge

- Rathsallagh House Hotel & Golf Club

- Tinakilly House Hotel

Summerhill House Hotel was the first venue we visited and looking back on it now, it really was love at first site for both of us. This venue is particularly special for me as my parents had their wedding reception there 30 years ago. Even though it was a muggy January I was still able to visualise how the garden would look for our ceremony. Whats more, they have a beautiful room inside in case we aren't so lucky with the weather on the day, and even though it is a hotel it doesn't feel like one with its well preserved country house characteristics.



Our next appointment was with Trudder Lodge. We visited on a beautiful sunny day and I have to say the grounds and the house are absolutely stunning. Both Dave and I found it hard to choose the specific spot to have our ceremony as everywhere we looked was amazingly sculpted. The inside of the house was so spacious and airy and could hold all your bridal party and immediate family comfortably. 

A week later, Summerhill were having their wedding fair so we decided to return for another look around. Low and behold we made our booking for July 2017!!! We just knew from the first visit that this was the venue for us. It has everything we're looking for and we couldn't be happier that it's only a stones throw away from where we grew up. 

Top Tip: I think what made this process so relaxed was having our three priorities listed before we even started looking at venues. 

Happy Planning!

Christina Xx





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