Are Ceremony Booklets Really Necessary?

Ceremony booklets are often forgotten about until shortly before the wedding. Depending on your religious beliefs they may be seen as the traditional thing to do. Not only that but distributing booklets at the beginning of the ceremony can be a nice way to include your guests in the ceremony.  Still, more and more we get asked if they are absolutely necessary. A lot of this we presume is down budgeting. So what does etiquette suggest?


It is particularly recommended to create a ceremony booklet where you will be holding a religious ceremony or incorporating cultural rites. By doing so you are including the guests who might not be too familiar with the rituals or traditions. It doesn’t have to be all formal though so feel free to be playful and add your own twists, like telling a little story about how you met. At Appleberry we offer ceremony booklets in a huge variety of designs which can be designed to co-ordinate with all the rest of your wedding stationery.

If your budget is already stretched enough but you feel the need to include something on the day you could opt for ceremony booklet covers (where you print and assemble the inner pages yourself) or you may go for an order of service. This requires much less paper and content is cut to simply outline details of the wedding party and a short ceremony guide. Order of Service's are becoming increasingly popular with couple's today as while it gives guests a guide to the service, it allows them to absorb what is going on better as they are not reading the booklet word for word.

Having a ceremony booklet or an order of service acts as a memorable keepsake for your guests, with many holding on to them for years to come.

Why not browse some of our designs here which can all be customised to suit your taste and colours.

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