Pretty as a Picture becomes Appleberry Press

Today we are delighted to announce the exciting changes happening within Pretty as a Picture as 2014 is a year of many changes for us as we rebrand and announce our brand new e-commerce website. It's been a busy and exciting time so I will share a little insight into what's been happening...

Those of you who know Ailbhe and I, will know that we started out working full-time as graphic designers. 4 years ago, we set up an 'on the side' business selling wedding stationery which we happily called Pretty as a Picture. Before we knew it, it's popularity grew and we were designing custom wedding stationery for couple's all over the world. It wasn't long before we gave up our graphic design business and pursued Pretty as a Picture full-time.

We then moved out of our home offices, rented a small studio in Rathnew and continued to work at what we loved every day. Soon our art supplies, paper and envelopes started to creep into the adjoining offices until we occupied the first floor of our unit and half of the warehouse! As the enquiries continued to flood in it soon became apparent that we needed help and so we started to recruit staff and interns to cope with the demand.

But our customers wanted more. They wanted to be able to figure out pricing, know their options, pay online... so we thought long and hard, and decided to bring our products and services online, to expand our invitation collection and allow customers to customise their own packages to suit their budget on our website.

We loved our name (Pretty as a Picture) - we had a connection, a history and memorable times together. But alas, if we were to become an e-commerce store we needed the and .com website addresses - a small oversight all those years ago! So we came up with our new name - friendly, sweet and memorable - Appleberry Press.

We hope you can follow us over on Facebook and Twitter and know that we are the same dedicated people, offering the same bespoke design service, there are just more of us with a larger range of designs to suit all budgets.

Thank you for all your support and your business in the past and into the future. We look forward to many happy years at Appleberry Press. Please spread the word....


Jane and Ailbhe xxx

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