Rosalind & Christopher: Whimsical Classic Wedding

This dreamy couple has such classic and impeccable taste. We just followed their lead and tried our best to bring their vision to life.

Rosalind & Christopher came to us with a vision of having a crest as the focal point of their wedding invitation. Our art director, Ailbhe, worked closely with the couple to ensure the crest not only reflected them as a  couple but also set the tone of the wedding. We always ask the bride and groom to come up with a list of elements they would love to include in their crest. Here are a few of the things they wanted to be embodied within our crest:

-Kilshane House - their wedding venue

-Football - Christopher's favourite hobbie

-Ink and feather - Rosalind's love of writing

-Frankfurt - holds a special place in their hearts

-Globe - their love of travel

-Wedding date - for obvious reasons!

christopher and rosalind bespoke wedding invitations


To help pull all the elements together, we researched both of their family crests to see if there were any pieces that would help complete the crest. Ailbhe created the regal inspired custom crest complete with horses, lions and ornate flourishes from their family coat of arms. The artwork was hand sketched and then letterpress printed on 2-ply cotton paper stock for that luxurious feel.

chris and ros bespoke wedding invitation crest


The beautiful thing about custom crests is that, while most commonly used in wedding designs, they can and will last throughout the years as family heraldry. Included in the suite were direction/accommodation cards and RSVP cards which featured small illustrations. They opted for envelope printing to finish off the suite. See more photos of their wedding stationery here.

christopher and rosaline bespoke wedding invitations


They used a simplified version for their wedding crest on the flap of the envelope accompanied with their return address.

christopher and rosalind bespoke wedding invitations


As with every design that is created in the Appleberry Studio, we create a mood board in order to bring the design to life.

rosalind and christopher classic wedding crest inspiration board

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