Customising your Wedding Invitations

At Appleberry Press, we can customise any of our designs to suit your colour scheme and theme. We get all sorts of requests and love seeing our current designs transformed into something new and unique for our couples.


So, how does it work?

First thing is first, you need to choose a design from our Signature Range. With over 80 designs, you're sure to find one you love.


What customisation is included in the price?

If you love the invitation just how it is then you're ready to order! We just need your wording and we can get started. Add your own wording requirements as you work your way through the checkout and we will send you on your PDF proof for review. If you're not sure how to word your invitations, check out our tips here


Can we add our own twist to the invitation?

Yes, of course! We love seeing how couples alter our current designs to make them their own. For a small fee of €35, you can change the layout, font's and colour of your invitation to suit you. You can move around the graphic elements or even add some more,  if you want to add guest names we can do that too! Or why not get creative with two existing designs and combine their best elements. If you love the invitation but not the colour, that's no problem, simply take a look at our colour swatches and choose a colour you like.  If you don't like the font on the sample, simply review our font list in the back of your stationery guide and add your new font choice to the wording section as you add your wording.  Our designers are always happy to hear your ideas. One design, endless possibilities!


How have you customised designs in the past?

There are so many ways to personalise your wedding invitation design, take a look below for some inspiration from some of our lovely past brides.

customising your invitation, wedding invitations

Our 'Aztec' design uses the colour 'Ocean' as the backing colour, the Aztec design is overlayed in gold foil to add a sophisticated feel to the element. Grace & Robert chose to change the background colour to 'Blossom' and altered the layout of the invitation so they could add in guest names. Aoife & John opted to change the background of their invite to 'Prussian Blue' to tie in their wedding theme.


wedding invitation design, wedding invitation

Our 'Floral Cascade' design features a 'Sherbert' colour floral element incorporating a monogram. Rebecca & Nader wanted to tie their wedding colour scheme into their invitation and opted to change the colour of the flourishes to 'Coral'.  Another Appleberry couple, Emer & Karl, opted to change the colour of the design to 'Wisteria', use a scripted font and use rounded corners to make the design their own.


wedding invitation design, wedding invitations

'Striped Type' is the perfect design for a Spring or Summer wedding. This design features typographic font and a striped border using 'Cadmium' as the main colour. Ben & Karen altered the design to suit their theme and chose 'Blossom' as their main colour. Debbie & Piotr went for something vibrant and chose 'Cobalt'. We love how Serena & Conor used 'Rose' and 'Airforce' to add their twist on the design.


sweet floral, wedding invitation customisation, wedding invitations

Our 'Sweet Floral' design is one of our most popular designs and it's easy to see why! The original design features florals in 'Rose', with the couples names in the sample colour. Diane & Daniel wanted to keep their invitation in keeping with their wedding colour theme of green so they decided to change the florals to 'Emerald' and tied in some white florals to keep the overall look soft and pretty. Olga & John chose to use the design in a landscape orientation and used 'Blue Grass' as the main colour for the floral elements.


lovebird, wedding invitations, customising wedding invitations

Our 'Lovebird' design is a simple design featuring floral branches in 'Pond' and two love birds in 'Espresso'. Karolina & Martin opted to alter the colour of the two love birds to 'Antique Gold', they also used this same colour for the main text. Emer & Robert used 'Classic Gold' as the colour for the floral branches and 'Berry' for the love birds, these colours tied in perfectly with their winter wedding.


rustic lights, wedding invitations, customising wedding invitations

Our 'Rustic Lights' design features 'Espresso' blended into 'Umber' as the background and 'Classic Gold' for the light feature. Katherine & David used 'Prussian Blue' as the main colour and added in a line for guest names .


bicycle for two, wedding invitations, customising wedding invitations

We love our 'Bicycle for Two' design, a whimsical fun wedding invitation featuring 'Wine' as the text colour and 'Dandelion', 'Periwinkle' and 'Rouge' as the floral colours. Roisin & Simon changed the background colour to 'Light Peach' to compliment the blue toned flowers in 'Wedgewood' and 'Midnight' and the 'Antique Gold' text. Rachel & Thomas chose 'Coral' as the main colour for their invitation and used the same colour along with 'Dandelion' and 'Cadmiuim' for the florals. Joanne & Kenny tied their blue wedding theme into their wedding invitation by changing the background to 'Wedgewood' and used 'Raspberry' for the main text.


love struck, wedding invitation design, wedding invites

'Love Struck' is a bold, colourful design using 'Prussian Blue' as the main background colour and 'Corn', 'Poppy', 'Dandelion' and 'Rose' as the LOVE element colours and used 'Corn' as the main font colour.  Claire & Donagh wanted something brighter for their summer wedding so they kept the background white and chose 'Prussian Blue', 'Cadmium', 'Blue Grass' and 'Persimmon' as the graphic colours and used 'Prussian Blue' as the main font colour.


So, as you can see from the examples above any of our designs can be customised or mixed and matched to suit YOUR wedding. Once you've chosen your design it's time for the fun part, adding the finishing touches to make your invitation stand out from the crowd.

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